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Dog and Cat Boarding includes; Specialized Overnight Care, Dog Daycare,
Pet Grooming, Styling and Bathing Salon, on site Training,
Self-Serve Pet Wash, Pet Food and Supplies

Summer fun!

Winter fun! 


Above photo is Madams Parlour Lounge, this is where we will sleep with your pet, includes a fireplace and large television.
(note Lilly seems pretty happy here)

Below is Karla with Roxy at our friendly, front desk area.

Overnight Care area for dog kennels with concrete and chain link. Instead we offer roomy suites, with elevated beds and dining area. Central heat and air, and aromatherapy, and soft music playing...always.

A comfortable homey and quiet, happy atmosphere, when pets are resting between activity's.

Left: Lewis smiling
Below: Cassie with her new Family.

Above Patches & playful pooches on the Playground
Here are few dogs playing in our large indoor play area, running water for drinking at all times, as well as central heat and air for those too hot or too cold days....pets are kept very comfortable, with plenty of activity time.

Some Planet Dog goodies!

Petite Chien & Cha-Kitty Chalet!

 Grand Slam & Le Pooch Play!

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Join us! Upcoming Pet First Aid & CPR class Dec 19th 2015 e-mail us for more information!

Link below to the class finder & type in Fryeburg ME, then
Karla Schwarz class
Register here
Fill out all fields!


Call us 603-447-3435 or go to Pet First Aid page & fill out registration form to reserve your spot!!
for all classes nearby

Pet First Aid & CPR Course Pricing

PetSaver - 8 Hour course $120
Includes: PetSaver Handbook and Certification
Senior-Pet-izen (alone 2 hrs and $30)
Learning First Aid
Priorities of Emergency Care
Rescue Breathing
Cardio pulmonary Resuscitation, CPR
Choking Management
Bleeding Protocols
Shock Management
Fractures & limb injuries
Insect Bites & Stings
Snakebite, poisonous & non-poisonous
Heat injuries -Heatstroke, burns
Cold Injuries-Frost Nip/Frostbite
Seizures, Convulsions
“Snout-to-tail” for injury & wellness assessment
Assessing Pets Vitals
Pet First Aid Kit contents
Administering medication
Dental Care for Pets-Anatomy & physiology, periodontal disease.(alone 2 hrs. $30.00)

Pet First Aid & CPR -4 Hour Course-$75
Includes PetSaver Handbook and Certification
*Includes everything above except Caring for your Senior-Peti-zen and Dental Care for your Pets

Caring for your Senior Peti-zen:  2 Hour Class $30

Dental Care for your Pets:   2 Hour Class $30

Knowing your Pets Health:   2 Hour Class $30

*Please know that rates are per person. Course and class lengths are approximate. Non-profit rates are available based on class size. Although the curriculum for all courses is designed for the responsible Pet Owner, these classes are excellent for all Pet Care Professionals (Groomers, Trainers, Breeders, etc.) and especially for Emergency Rescue Professionals who may encounter issues with pet rescue.

Please Contact Karla Schwarz at:
Karla’s Pet Rendezvous


Dana with Mishka labradoodle puppy July 2013

Summer fun!

Winter fun!

Make your Vacation Reservations now! 
Playing up to eight hours daily, a fun social arena for your pet to enjoy!

Hours: 8am-6pm 7days a week

Another video-just click below!

Karla's Pet Rendezvous is locally owned and operated by Karla Schwarz. Our genuine love and concern for animals is backed up by over thirty years professional pet care experience, as well as an ongoing training program provided by The Pet Care Services Association, as well as New England Pet Grooming Professionals.

Kindness that comes from the heart
Every animal has a unique personality and disposition. Because of this, every animal needs to be treated with kindness. This requires a unique staff, with a wide range of experience and a wealth of knowledge. Whether we are caring for a young animal, or an older animal, or feline friends. Each pet requires individual care. We know you love your pet, and we love animals, so we offer busy activity schedules in order to engage pets like none other. You can count on Karla's staff to administer care with love and compassion. Your pet is also on vacation, Rendezvous style!


Below are a few of the specialty items offered in our Salon, including a complete line of skin care products.

A playful pooch at the pool, and below Lulu and Maggie, relaxing in our spacious outdoor recreation area.


Below: Our self serve dog wash, come in and
do-it-yourself, no appointment necessary, enjoy our Spa scent of the month aromatherapy shampoos.  State of the art professional equipment include
, electric tables, waist level tubs, forced air to blow out dead hair....and WE clean up!

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